Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunny Weekend

After the washout of a bank holiday last week its nice to see the sun again! With the close of May the birding takes a more leisurely pace for a couple of months now, with migrant birds few and far between, the time versus result ratio is definitely on the side of time (ie spending a lot of time looking for birds with very few results!) That said though bits and pieces may always be encountered so it's not as though we'll be walking around with our eyes closed! The next couple of months should be good for insects however, so they will probably be the main stay of most reports.
An afternoon walk down to Felbrigg Lake on Thursday looking for Dragonflies surprisingly drew a complete blank, although not all was lost, for as I got out of the car a Crossbill flew over calling strongly-nice! Also around the lake I was briefly stumped by a bird sitting on a post in the middle of the field- after getting my scope up I was surprised to see a female Mandrin!
Had the moth trap on all night last night and sure to form had an absolute hatful to go through this morning, with two that were new to the garden:
MYL54 Straw-dot 8
MYL55 Poplar Hawkmoth 5
Flame Shoulder 10
MYL56 Buff Ermine 6
White Ermine 5
Bloodvein 2
MYL57 Rustic Shoulder-knot 4
Setaceous Hebrew Character 20
Small Square Spot 23
Pebble Prominent
Bright-line Brown-eye
Marbled minor 1
Common Wainscote 3
Heart & Dart 4
Treblelines 1
MYL59 Clouded-bordered Brindle `(dark morph)
MYL60 Mottled Rustic
Poplar Hawkmoth

Sandy Carpet
Clouded-bordered Brindle

Rustic Shoulder-knot
PYL 101 Crossbill

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