Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mothing - at last!

Finally managed a nights mothing in the garden last night, with neither wind nor rain thwarting an attempt, a healthy catch this morning, plenty of year ticks and another lifer!

Snout 4 MYL65
Brimstone Moth 3
Flame Shoulder 8
Smokey Wainscote 1 MYL66
Large Yellow Underwing 13
Common Wainscote 1
Bloodvein 4
Buff Ermine 10
White Ermine 5
Bufftip 1 MYL68
Eyed Hawkmoth 1 MYL69
Silver Y 2 MYL70
Green Pug MYL71
Clouded Silver MYL72
Heart and Dart 7
Plain Golden Y MYL73
Clouded Border 1 MYL74
Brown Rustic 3 MYL 75
Small Square Spot 3
Setaceous Hebrew Character 1
Light Emerald 1 MYL76
The Flame 1 MYL77
Straw Dot 6
Common Swift 1 MYL78
Willow Beauty 3 MYL79
Small Magpie3
Brown China-mark1
Udea Olivalis1
Diamond-backed Moth 1

Common Swift

Pale-shouldered Brocade

Green Pug

Plain Golden Y

Clouded Border

Eyed Hawkmoth

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