Sunday, April 13, 2008


SW 2-3 bright sunny but cool becoming cloudy 0700-1230

Took an early morning traipse down to the lake this morning hoping for a Rouzel or the like but no joy, only birds of note were Shelduck 6, Tufties 12, Gadwall pr, Dabchick 3 a screaming Water Rail and several singing Chiffchaffs. From 0900-1100 a watch from the High Point produced 2 female/2nd c/y Marsh Harrier moving west, single Common Buzzard and 40 Golden Plover. Best of all, a meet up at the Roman Camp pub with Rob and Nigel to discuss an up and coming birding trip resulted in a fine Red Kite from the beer garden, with pint in hand-heaven!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nowt Doin'

Despite morning and post tea time walks, very little happening here at the moment. One of the bare fields had a convoy of tractors in it this morning setting potatos and immediately attracted the first Wheatear of the spring, as it disappeared over a ridge. Over the recent week or so I have been keeping an eye on a White-tailed Eagle-alas not a suppressed local bird, but via web cam from Norway.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Missed a nailed-on Black Kite today due to being at work some 15 miles away. I watched agonisingly as its movements were relayed via my bird pager. I could even 'see' it drifting along the ridge (in my minds eye, you see!) as it moved from Cromer towards Weybourne.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Had the trap on for a few hours last evening and got a few visitors, nothing unexpected though:
Hebrew Character 3
Common Quaker 3
Small Quaker 1
Oak Beauty 1
March Moth 1
Early Thorn 2
Engrailed 1
Shoulder-stripe 4
Early Grey 1
Clouded Drab 2

Small Quaker

Hebrew Character

Shoulder stripe

Engrailed...can you see it?!

Shoulder stripe tail up!

Wednesday, after work I popped down to a chilly Felbrigg Lake, where amoung the usual suspects were three Dabchick! Now I've been looking hard for Dabchick all year here with not a sniff, so where'd they come from? They must have taken the same flight path as those darn Coots I reckon! Yesterday morning, like music to the ears, a Swallow was on power lines in the street churruping away to his self, looking forward to the warm spring weather.... yeah right! Go back now pal, snow's on its way!!