Saturday, June 23, 2007

Flamin' June my A*SE!

There appears to be no let up in the wet weather at the moment with even more forecast! I did manage to run the moth trap last night, albeit covered over in case of any cloud bursts!
Riband Wave 4 MYL 84
Small Elephant Hawkmoth 2 MYL85
Elephant Hawkmoth 1 MYL86
Poplar Hawkmoth 2
Flame Shoulder 2
The Flame 3
Lrge Yellow Udrwg 15
Heart and Dart 4
Light Emerald 3
Scalloped Hazel 1
Scorched Wing 1 MYL87
Common Swift 8
Small Bloodvein 1 MYL88
Brimstone 3
Garden Carpet 1
Straw Dot 7
Snout 3
Brown China Mark 3
Buff Ermine 3
Small Magpie 5
White Ermine 2
Spectacle 1 MYL89
Clouded Border 1
Dark Arches 1 MYL90
Burnished Brass 2 MYL91
Diamond-backed Moth 5
Plain Golden Y 2
Mottled Rustic 3 MYL92
Brown Rustic 3
Common Wainscot 1
Middle-barred Minor 8
Tawny-barred Minor 2 MYL93
Bright Line Brown-eye 1
Small Fan-footed Wave 2 MYL94
Common Footman 1 MYL95
Maple Prominent 1 MYL96
Green Pug 1
Udea olivalis

Elephant Hawkmoth

Maple Prominent

Tawny Marbled Minor

Mottled Rustic

Dark Arches


Nick Patel said...

The Elephant hawk moth is a LARGE elephant hawk moth.

Hope this helps.


Andy said...

Cheers Nick, school boy error duely noted!