Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DIY Springwatch!

Work took me as far a field as Suffolk today (Sudbury and Shotley!) taking in such sites as historic Lavenham and the Orwell Bridge! I took my digiscoping gear with the intension of finding a meandering river at lunch break to look for dragonflies and the like... lunch break? ha !you must be kidding! I did steal a rest break at Suffolk Water Park near Needham Market where a Great-crested Grebe was being the perfect parent... altogether now ahhhhh!
(please excuse the Bill Oddie-esque comments!)

"aint no pimping of this ride needed!"

"Faster mum! Faster!

"eh? I thought we were going this way?"

"Go play with this feather , dear"

"bored now... got any more?!"

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