Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Moths

Ran the moth trap again last night (I generally try not to run consecutive nights but at the moment opportunities are few and far between!) and the catch reflected the reasoning - smaller and more of the same with a few additions, including 2 Poplar Hawkmoths and a year in the form of a Grey Pine Carpet MYL 80

Grey Pine Carpet

The moths that I count at the moment for a year list are known as Macro moths and are all thankfully included in a single field guide. Another group of moths are known commonly as Micro moths (which can then be split into even more groups!) and although they are true moths, I don't count them because there is not one complete identification guide to help you ..erm.. identify them! But as I become a little more confident with the macros I find I'm showing an interest in the Micro's! So the best way of ensuring an attempt at ID-ing them I think is to start counting them in the totals, well a moth is a moth!

Thistle Ermine MYL 81

Diamond-backed Moth MYL 82

Cherry-fruit Moth MYL 83

Oh these last two little fella's are about 3-4mm long, if you fancy looking for them!

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