Monday, June 18, 2007

Dear, Dear Monty

A miserable day here in Norfolk, and I nearly didn't go somewhere but in the end was glad that I did! Work today took me past a relatively well known nesting site for Montagu's Harrier, and though it had been raining most of the morning, as I arrived it briefly stopped. With the site to myself I soon focused in on a male Montagu's Harrier flying in from the west fairly high heading over the road. With the bird going away at distance I didn't bother with the digi-scope but just then the female broke cover, flew up to the male and executed a perfect food drop form the male to the female-a fantastic sight that I'd never witnessed before! I set the scope up and with fast shutter speeds and rapid frames set up I waited for a repeat performance. I hadn't seen the male after the food pass, until 6-7 mins later when he flew back heading west, but this time alot closer! With camera all set and ready to shoot off frame after frame... disaster! The auto power save kicked in and turned the bloody camera off!!! I quickly turned it back on (my current camera does not memorise the settings so it goes back to standard!) and managed to get the bird in the view finder and clicked off ONE frame! One bloody frame, I know when I pushed the shutter there were little red icons in the veiwfinder everywhere (which generally means-Warning, crap picture on the way!) BUT the actually result of one frame I think was, well... see what you think...

Montagu's Harrier (a male, and gorgous!)

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