Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shoot me Now!

Having been afflicted by the dreaded 'Man Flu' over the past couple of days I have neither had the energy, or the inclination, to do a great deal this bank holiday weekend. A bout of flem- induced insomnia saturday morning saw me walking a very cold West Runton clifftop at five o'clock hoping to jam a Red-throated Pipit or the like but a Yellow Wag (not a footballers wife!) going west was very little recompence.
A couple of brief moth trapping sessions during the week brought several year ticks and a 'lifer'.

MYL 48 Brimestone Moth
MYL 50 Middle-barred Minor
MYL 51 Marbled Minor
MYL 52 Scalloped Hazel
MYL 53 Muslin Moth

Middle-barred minor

Marbled Minor (apparently these two moths, plus another, can only be properly identified by killing them and cutting them up to check out their'rude' bits! I gave these two the benefit of the doubt, and any future ones to be honest, cause even if they are not what I think they are I can honestly say 'well no one died!'

May Highflyer

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