Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rain Does not stop play

Despite the continuing heavy showers I put the moth trap on all night last night. Moths aren't really bothered about the rain, especially if its fairly mild, but my Mercury Vapour light is so I set it up in the summerhouse with the window wedged open resigned to the fact that I'ld end up with a summerhouse full of moths, and so it proved!
Buff Ermine2
Peppered Moth 2 MYL97
Poplar Hawkmoth 2
Small Elephant Hawkmoth 5
Lrg Yellow Udrwing 9
Swallow-tailde Moth 1 MYL98
Common Emerald 3 MYL 99
The Flame 13
Barred Red MYL100
Privet Hawkmoth 1 MYL101
Snout 5
Small Fan-footed Wave 2
Barred Straw 1 MYL102
Willow beauty4
Brimstone 2
Common White Wave 1 MYL103
Burnished Brass 1
Green Silver Lines 1 MYL104
Heart and Dart 4
Mottled Rustic 2
Spectacle 2
Small Yellow Wave 1 MYL105
Common Wainscot 3
Flame Shoulder 2
Turnip Moth 1 MYL106
Ringed China Mark 1 MYL107
Poplar Grey 1 MYL108
Large twin-spot Carpet 1
Uncertain 3
Straw Dot 2
Buff Arches 1 MYL109
Amblyptilia acanthadactyla MYL 110

Buff Arches
Ringed China Mark

Turnip Moth

Green Silver Lines

Common Emerald

Peppered Moth...if you look closely!

Amblyptilia acanthadactilya

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