Sunday, March 05, 2006


Walked out of the door this morning, binoculars around my neck and camera over my shoulder, its a bit blowey and still freezing cold... so what do I do ? I go back indoors and put my camera on the sideboard! Dunce!
Walked up the track seeing Pied Wags on fields still (12) and a few gulls on the puddles on the track. As I walk back the gulls have moved just into the field and are sheltering fairly tight to the hedgerow. On my approach they take to the wing and reveal a dazzling white adult MEDITERRANEAN GULL! They all lazily drift slowly towards the middle of the field except the Med, who takes his handsome self westwards and out of view! And where was my camera?!
Typical, Bloody Typical!
This afternoon had another walk up the track on the off-chance that the Med returned with no luck, the Pied wagtail flock had risen to 14, but this time with at least 4 White wagtails in their midst. They look quite distinct with their paler grey backs and clean flanks compared to the very black and white plumage of the Pieds.
Other birds noted:
Woodpigeon 3000
Fieldfare 42
Meadow Pipit 12
Redwing 4
Golden Plover20
One of the local Herons was looking a bit hungry as he diced with death on the road trying to get to some ice free water on the pond.

Grey Heron

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