Friday, March 24, 2006

New Moth

As I left for work this morning I noticed a moth on the inside of the village telephone box when I drove past. Coming home late this afternoon I could see it was still there(thank god for mobile phones, the kids these days have no longer got the incentive to be in a smelly phone box!). At the risk of looking a right tw*t, trying to catch an insect in a jar in a phonebox, I made a covert move to secure the thankfully dopey creature without drawing too much attention to myself! It soon became apparent that it was infact my first Dotted Border, a species whose name actually describes its most distinctive marking. Though I will not include it in the garden totals it was still very nice to see.
The weather appears to finally be moving in to a mild spell so that means as much time in the field as possible and the moth trap having a chance of trapping some moths!
(You may substitute the '*' with whch ever vowel you seem fit).

Dotted Border

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