Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First's, First's,First's!!!

The Track came up trumps this morning with my first Stonechat record in the parish, with the added bonus that he was feeding along the set -a-side strip, proving its worth already! Managed a record shot of this male, for some better pics flick back to January's entries.


During work today saw my first butterfly of the spring, a Brimstone along the roadside verge. On cue, just after tea, the Barn Owl was working the newly mowed meadow, seemingly oblivious to the kids playing footie on the park next to the field, it made several dives at least two that appeared successful. He/She did land several times ,but always just to the left or right of a clearing in the hedge, never in the middle!

Barn Owl

I had to visit a friend in Cromer tonight and was feeling quite chuffed as I saw a Merlin bullet across the road on the way down, so on the way home I thought I'ld try a bit of moth dazzling with the head-lights at Felbrigg. Drew a blank on the moths, but a movement caught my eye in the undergrowth and, where I was expecting to see a fox, there was a tiny Muntjac Deer nibbling on fresh shoots! This is my fourth deer species in the parish with Red, Roe and Chinese Water Deer all seen from the garden.
As I drew up back home a distinct blob in the road was duly placed in the garden and spared from ending up as Toad pancake!

Common Toad

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