Saturday, March 18, 2006


Trying not to dwell to much on the weather, let's just say it's still cold! Not much from the track this morning, a distant circling Sparrowhawk the only bird of note. Much bird activity from and around the garden largely due to the fact that the field of rough ground around the garden has been ploughed for the first time in a couple of years. Apparently it is being sown with grass seed:
Redwing 20
Song Thrush 6
Goldfinch 8
Pied Wagtail 29
Greenfinch 6
Siskin 2
Blackbird 10
Jay 2
Long tailed Tit 2
Shelduck 2

One of the Blackbirds had a most distinctive mottled white head and back (got the old ticker pumping for a second!).
With the feeders fully loaded finally managed to entice a couple of species in other than House Sparrows!

All above Siskin (male)

Goldfinch (probably male)

Chaffinch (male)

Long tailed Tits

All common birds, but all wonderful birds!

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The Bird Woman said...

*Great* photos. I wish our male siskin would pose like yours has; ours has a bad habit of keeping his back to the camera! And as for the LTTs ... well ... I'll continue to wish for them to visit us!