Saturday, March 25, 2006

They're Coming!

Due to work commitments I couldn't be at home today, the first half-descent looking day for migration! However I did manage to jam in on our first 'broad-wing'of the spring, a female type Marsh Harrier flew east along the south fields of the parish as I was driving to work, at last!
The moth trap was on all night last night and was well worth the effort with a few more different species in the mix:

March Moth 5
Pale brindled Beauty 3
Dotted Border 1
Emmelina monodactlya 1
Hebrew Character 3
The Satellite 1
Chestnut 2
Dark Chestnut 1 (?)
Grey-Shoulder knot 1

This brings the years total so far to 11 (macro) species taken in the garden. Those in bold were 'lifers' for me and with this being my first year of ever looking at moths I think I've plenty more to come!
? - Dark Chestnut is usually an autumnal moth so this individual is well out of season. The very similar Clouded Drab is currently on the wing but I am sure this one is a Dark Chestnut. I've circulated a pic on a couple of sites to get some feed back from more learned mothers (as in moth-ers!)

Hebrew Character

Emmelina monodactlya a 'micro' moth of the Plume moth family, and very strange looking too!

Dark Chestnut

Grey-Shoulder knot

The biggest surprise of all to be attracted to the light was this rather handsome, and big, Great Diving Beetle! She couldn't wait to get in some water! Oh, its a 'she' because the wing cases have distinct ridges on them, in the male the wing cases are smooth

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Rita Fisher said...

Andy great site hope you can make the meeting Ref pond work this summer. Philip has firmed up (work to fit in hence all the changes) for Monday the 24th Jly,I think 7.30, poss 7p.m. I will amend notice asp. Hope to create a separate small area your end without fish!!!! What do you think? We need help that understands wildlife habitat and does not wish to manicure like a garden! Hope you are able to come along. Rita