Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So, as another month departs, one anew rolls in. This is the month when we should start seeing some visable signs of bird migration and stirrings in the garden! Finches, pipits and wagtails maybe a little more regular passing overhead and thrushes such as Redwing and Fieldfare may be about in numbers first thing in the morning after deciding to start the journey back north and moving overnight. We'll also be looking for our first 'broadwing' of the year, probably Common Buzzard or maybe a Marsh Harrier (the earliest of these so far has been the 9th). In previous years we've had Mediterranean Gull, Woodlark, Firecrest and Kittiwake. Will also be watching the weather forecast abit closer , hoping for an unseasonally warm front to push up from Southern Spain/ North Africa to give our early returning summer migrants and maybe some mediterranean overshoots a boost to get here before mid April!! Anyway back to reality and woke up this morning to a bitter north westerly with 5cm of snow!
Who mentioned spring?!!

Spring NOT Springing

Typical Norfolk 'Big' sky at dusk

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