Sunday, March 19, 2006


Went down to my local birding site near Sheringham this morning, though the low cloud and cool temperatures did little to encourage any visable migration. However before the cloud turned into drizzle, we did see a Great Northern Diver fly east, along with 30+ Red throated Diver,11 Brent Geese, 2 Shelduck, 25 Common Scoter west and 29 Eider on the sea, although I arrived a little late to see the pair of Goosander that also flew east.
I then took a quick trip over to Felbrigg park where the Hawfinch was still showing sporadically, initially found feeding on the ground in a small plantation with some Greenfinch, it eventually returned to its favoured Yew Tree, when another briefly joined it.

Hawfinch at Felbrigg

Back home, and there are now 2 pair of Shelduck moving back and forth over the fields also 2 Grey Heron flew north.

Shelduck (video grab)

Part of the Pied Wagtail flock were just outside the garden today. I have previously grilled this flock for White wagtails but all the ones that look good for this sub species on closer inspection have the odd black feather coming through on the mantle (back) presumably being first or second year(not full adult) Pied. This bird below is the palest of the lot today, a poor record shot I know but I think this is a White (any comments appreciated).

alba wagtail.

Stonewall Pied Wagtail

Just to end the day the Barn Owl was out hunting again, I'm not sure if this was a female because she caught a vole, did the usual 'down in one' and was off hunting again within three minutes (keeping energy levels up for producing eggs?)

Barn Owl...again! (for which I make no apology!)

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The Bird Woman said...

Always enjoy seeing your Barn Owl shots. I wish I saw them as reguarly as you do!