Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tern for the better!

With the real threat of a dry afternoon in the offering I decided to have a ride up to the coast to Cley, and the famous Arnold's Marsh, where 3 adult Roseate Tern have settled for the past day or two. After a short wait (and a heavy shower!) first one, then two and finally all three appeared showing fairly well albeit distant. As usual with Cley there was plenty of other birds to see and a few to snap!

Common (front), Sandwich (biggun) and Roseate Terns

Roseate Tern in blurry flight

Another tern, Little Tern

Common Tern fishing

Sandwich Tern

Sandwich Tern with Sand eel tea!

Terns chillin'

And yet another tern, a 1st summer Arctic Tern

Duck Shelduck about to drop landing gear
Avocets are particularly aggresive when breeding and can drive most other birds away if they wander too close to their eggs or chicks. Unfortunately at Cley the Grey Herons have become particularly thick skinned and can be responsible for wiping out whole broods despite the adults best attempts, which judging by this individual, can be fearless and determined.

"Dance- to-the Moo-sic!" (sorry)

Marsh harriers are almost constantly visable here... no bad thing (female below)

A male

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