Sunday, July 08, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

At last! A day of summer for the first time this summer! Ran the moth trap last night and had a fair haul, though not great numbers. There was however a long awaited new one tucked up in there, a big beautiful Puss Moth

Puss Moth MYL 111

Barred Straw

Light Arches MYL 112

Coxcomb Prominent 1 MYL113

The Drinker 2 MYL 114

With the weather forcast fine for the rest of the day decided to have a ride out to one of Norfolk's many heaths. The Bell heather was lush and still in flower, no doubt assisted by all the rain we've been getting. I managed to see at least three Dartford Warblers, one being of this years brood, it looks like this species is going to be well and truely established , with not a reintroduction scheme in sight! I was over here to see the leps though (butterflies etc) and did manage a close up of this Brown Argus

There were also several of these fast moving Green Tiger Beetles zooming about

But my main quarry was the Silver-studded Blue butterfly that I eventually located and saw four in a relatively small area.

Silver-studded Blue- a lep tick!

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