Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Back to work (groan), maybe that was a good thing seeing as a White Stork passed within 2 miles of us today but we still wouldn't have seen it because it was on the north side of the ridge that we sit to the south of. Either Black or White Stork are my Number one 'want' for the garden list, ah maybe one day!
Despite being cold and windy last night still managed19 moths

Oak Beauty - 1
Hebrew Character - 6
Early Grey - 6
Cloude Drab - 4
Red Chestnut - 1
erm...no. 19 was... not quite sure! Spent a good hour trying to ID this moth with no luck, so have enlisted my friend Dean Stables of mostlymacro to see if he knows what it is, cause I'm stumped!

moth sp. (for now!)

From the track this evening the only bird of note was a Yellow Wagtail flying east.

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