Saturday, April 15, 2006

Moth -fest!

Ran the moth trap last night and had a fine haul this morning with 46 individuals! This is the most I've caught in one go so far, though I'm led to believe that there could be even bigger catches during the summer months! :

Hebrew Character - 19
Oak Beauty - 2
Early Grey - 8
Clouded Drab - 9
Small Quaker - 4
Common Quaker - 3
Early Thorn - 1

Early Thorn This species of Thorn holds its wings together like a butterfly. This one was particularly lively, hence the retaining jar lid as a background!

" I've come for my wax and cuticle treatment...I'm sorry I left it so long since the last one"

Small Quaker

Clouded Drab A good illustration of variation between individuals of the same species.

This brings the garden total to 115 macro moths of 19 species.

Back to this morning and the day started very grey and misty with visability down to 1/2 mile. Just 2 Wheatear could be seen on the potato field from the track. From the garden things faired a little better :
Marsh Harrier - one flew high heading south
Ring Ouzel* - A pair were initially picked up distantly in flight when they briefly alighted on treetops in a copse before moving off west. (YL-63)
Curlew - one flew east
Common buzzard - One present
Blackcap* - A male sang briefly before moving south. (YL-64)
Bullfinch - a pair feeding on blackthorn buds

Managed a shot of this orange tailed Bumblebee which was infested by presumably parasitic mites, didn't stop it feeding at the Grape Mahonia though.

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