Friday, April 14, 2006

...feels like Saturday

A bright day, though a strong westerly wind persisted right through to evening. Observations from 0700-1500:

Marsh Harrier* - 3 singles west, all before 0930
Fieldfare - 10 west
House Martin* - 1 west
Chiffchaff* - 1 chiff-chaffing all day from the meadow hedge
Grey Heron 1 at the pond
Cormorant - 4 west
Sparrowhawk - 6 present
Shelduck - 4 still present
Golden Plover - a flock of some 600 were seen distantly flying west

From the track the potato field held 8 Wheatear, 2 White Wagtail, 12 Meadow Pipit and a summer plumaged Golden Plover.

Wheatear (male)

This mornings hopes were somewhat raised and then dashed as a report came through of a White Stork being seen at Hanworth (a village approx 5 miles away) that had been seen flying in our direction just before 0900. Despite our best efforts we never connected with the bird or heard any further reports. Our friend who had the waxwing yesterday had a Ring Ouzel this morning in the same tree, funny how quickly you can go off people!

The garden list hiked up three more to 62 species.

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