Monday, April 17, 2006

Another Beauty!

The moth trap came up trumps again last evening, even though numbers were down to 24, three of these were new for me.

Early Grey - 6
Hebrew Character - 6
Pine Beauty - 1
Powdered Quaker - 1
Small Quaker - 3
Red Chestnut - 1
Clouded Drab - 3
Common Quaker - 2
Shoulder Stripe - 1

Shoulder Stripe

Powdered Quaker Quite similar to Common Quaker though a little larger with a more pointed wing, the upperwing is also covered in tiny black scales (see below).

Pine Beauty I got quite excited when I saw this in the catching box! The book illustrations do it no justice at all - A little corker!

Pine Beauty These moths are classified as 'Common' and numbers can build to pest proportions in pine plantations.

Although its been bright and sunny today, the westerly wind (which we have no shelter from) has been battering the garden all day making it less than ideal for watching migrants.

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