Saturday, May 19, 2007


From the track this morning a protracted watch still drew a blank on the Turtle Dove front, with a male Northern Wheatear being the only noticable migrant. Walking back, as I reached the concrete pad I noticed two Persil-white birds flying low over the village, meaning only one thing-Egrets! It was obvious they were Little Egrets with their yellow footed black legs clearly visable. I watched as they flew over our house (grrrr!) and battled against the wind, stalling over the wet meadow opposite the church (would have been great if they landed!) but carried on west across the ridge. Our third record (but still needed from the garden) The previous, both of singles, May 1st 2004 and April 22nd 2006.
Northern Wheatear

PYL 98 Little Egret

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