Monday, May 14, 2007

more Med!

Just a Wheatear noted from the track this morning, still no Turtle Doves.
As I was driving home from work my Dad called from Sheringham to say he'd just found a Woodchat Shrike on Beeston Bump (a classic Mediterranean species) and that it was still showing. I soon was watching the bird as it was performing really well, probably because I didn't have my camera with me! Anyway well done Dad! that goes nicely with the Sardinian Warbler you found at the same sight a couple of years back.

Woodchat Spain!

After tea I decided to pop down the road to sit and watch just south of Gresham as I had a theory that the Black Kite maybe roosting in this area. No sign of the kite but such a random stop surprisingly produced no less than 10 Northern Wheatear on a sugar beet field which were then briefly joined by 4 Ringed Plover of the northern European race tundrae. It just goes to show that birds can be, and are, anywhere and everywhere!

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