Monday, May 07, 2007

Month Tick!

Overcast warm WSW 2-3 visibility good 0845-1100

Didn't get up the track til gone nine this morning but with a break from the northerlies of recent days it 'felt good'! As I scanned the skies it was soon obvious that broad wing birds could be on the move with a quick succession of Marsh Harrier (1E 1W), a couple of soaring Common Buzzard and a slimline Hobby (FotS) dashing west. I really was hoping to jam a stork, of either colour (Black or White!) but that holy grail had to wait another day. As I scanned to the east I picked up a distant raptor head on with wings pressed flat I knew it was yet another kite! As it banked round it became just as obvious that it was another BLACK KITE !!!! After seeing literally over one hundred last weekend it didn't take long for this one to file itself nicely within the old grey matter! For the next 1/2 hour, like its predecessor, it loafed over the fields and woods to the south of the village even allowing several local birders to catch up with it and the opportunity to take some ropey (but identifiable!) record shots!
Later on another Hobby was seen soaring over fields to the west.


PYL 91 GYL 54 Hobby
Had another look from the track this evening and briefly saw the Kite moving west beyond Gresham, also picked up a distant ringtail Hen Harrier being mobbed by a Buzzard! Forgot that yesterday had a Whimbrel fly north over village
PYL 92 Hen Harrier
PYL 93 Whimbrel

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