Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin 1962-2006

Not everybodies cup of tea, this enigmatic Australian, the original Crocodile Hunter died today. Our trip to Australia in the spring had to include a visit to Australia Zoo, Steve's home, for my son, who was thrilled at the prospect of maybe catching a glimpse of his hero. This was Steve Irwin's gift, his 'over the top' enthusiasm and passion for wildlife was lost on most sensible, 'serious' adults, but the kids absolutely loved him! For all his faults and what ever you thought of his methods, for someone to be able to inspire so many youngsters to 'turn on' to wildlife in this day and age, well that would be the type of legacy we would all love too leave. Steve Irwin had an influence on my lads life, and compared with some influences so widely available to kids these days, it was one that I would have willingly encouraged for years to come.

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