Saturday, September 16, 2006

Convolvulusly Brilliant

Ran the trap most nights this week with the wind to strong only for one or two nights. Numbers are definitely dropping but as the seasons continue to change, so do the species being caught, so one week is never the same as the previous. New for the year were Beaded Chestnut, Lunar Underwing and Dark Sword-grass, and new for me was an Orange Sallow* , that made its escape as I tried to get a pic.

Beaded Chestnut a very fiently marked individual showing the grey hindwing

Dark Sword-grass

Lunar Underwing

On one night as I stepped out of the door I nearly trod on a Hedgehog that was on the back door step! I nipped up stairs to fetch the camera and when I came back there was my hedgehog, gone! Hearing some scrabbling in the utility shed, there it was trying to get under the boiler! At this point I intervened, donning some gloves, the little thing snorted and grumbled like anything then went into the obligatory ball.

( 'I like trucking, I like trucking, I like trucking and I like to truck....') target audiance only!

' ...I'm only sleeping'

Highlight of the week however came this morning, as I peered into the moth box, having given it a quick glance before breakfast, and what had obviously been hiding underneath had now moved to the top - a big bruiser of a moth-a Convolvulus Hawkmoth*!!! These moths do not breed in Britain but are an immigrant in varying numbers, but are by no means common. Because of their size, markings and scarcity, along with the Death's-head Hawkmoth, these moths are really prised by those that are luck enough to catch them, like us! GYL 173

Convulvulus Hawkmoth

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Mostlymacro said...

Nice one Andy, i`ve only ever seen 2 in the 5 years i`ve been mothing. One trapped and the other was found resting on someones drying washing on their clothes line.

Good luck with the rest of the year, it`s not over yet.