Saturday, September 02, 2006

Marbled Clover

Being Friday, the moth trap was run all night, with an overcast sky and temperatures not dipping too much. This morning there was the usual hatful of Large Yellow Underwings, Setaceous Hebrew Character, plenty of Square-Spot, Small Square-spot, Rosy Rustic Large Broad bordered Yellow Underwing and Smokey Wainscot, 2-3 Green Carpet, Brimstone Moth, Svensson's Copper Underwing, Flame -Shoulder, Lattice Heath, Common Marbled Carpet and Flounced Rustic and singletons of Angle Shades, Light Emerald, Cabbage Moth, Common Rustic and Silver Y. Additionally there was a second (darker) Scarce bordered Straw, and cream of the crop, a Marbled Clover*. Marbled Clover is a Red Data Book species in Britain, meaning that it is only found in less than 15 10km squares in the whole of Britain. Though the breeding population is found mainly in Breckland, they are known to be migratory in europe which would be the more likely origin of this one. Thats the beauty of creatures that fly, they have no boundaries and can end up anywhere, even Aylmerton! GYL 164

Marbled Clover

Scarce Bordered Straw darker than the mid-week individual

Green Carpet

A couple of presumed first year Hobbies were watched over Rounces Covert mid morning, sparring in the air, looking to sharpen their hunting skills and panicking the House Martins at the same time!


Mostlymacro said...

Well done on another spectacular record Andy, you`re obviously doing better than me, but that`s not hard considering our 2 different locations.


Andy said...

kind words from one of my inspirations!