Sunday, September 10, 2006


A couple of moth sessions in the early part of the week produced fewer numbers but the new ones just keep coming, this time we had Brown- spot Pinion*, White point*, Pearly Underwing* and Frosted Orange. Towards the end of the week the evening weather became poor for mothing- clear with a bright moon and a fair bit cooler. Macro moth garden year list now stands at 168, I'm hoping to reach 200 by the years end, if I do, its gonna be close!

Brown-spot Pinion

White point

Pearly Underwing

Frosted Orange

Saturday morning I had to do a little work from home, so with that done I had the scope at the bottom of the garden and was soon rewarded with Common Buzzard, up to 3 Hobby and best of all a Red Kite. The kite drifted in from the west and then just hung about for about half an hour before finally gaining height and moving off. I managed to get a couple of 'record' shots (another way of saying crap!) but was impressed that even at the distance the bird was, had it have been something really rare, the pics would have still shown some detail. The bird I was really hoping for was Honey Buzzard, with this and next weekend really my best hope. I did see my one and only Aylmerton record last September but alas I was out of the garden!

Red Kite...honest!

After being visited sporadically throughout the summer by Hummingbird Hawkmoths, with seemingly their only pattern of occurance being that I have not got my camera handy, one was finally drawn to the Buddliah long enough for me to dash up stairs and grab my camera to get a couple of shots. If there is one creature in the animal kingdom that is perfectly named, it's this one!

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

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