Friday, September 29, 2006

Death's Head Hawkmoth

Still having troubles with connectivety but hopefully getting through tonight. Not a bad week really, the first Pink footed Geese (40) of the autumn made an appearance on Monday (25th) about a week latter than in recent years, these birds were moving east first thing , undoubtedly heading for the broads. On Wednesday (27th) I 'twitched' a glorious Death's Head Hawkmoth that was on show at Bird Ventures in Holt. Caught in the owners garden at Binham these moth performed well and was in excellent condition, this was my first 'wild' caught encounter of this species- great stuff

Death's Head Hawkmoth the ghoulish human skull marking on the thorax can clearly be seen

Inspired by the brute above, the moth trap was out Wednesday evening for the duration. No Death's Head come morning but two new ones for the year in the shape of Barred Sallow and Green-brindled Cresent, the latter making a hasty exit!. GYL 178

Barred Sallow

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