Friday, June 30, 2006

M.V. rules!

Finally received the replacement parts for the moth trap on Wednesday so Aylmerton was once again lit up like an airport terminal that evening! Thursday morning, 0430 I was up in the cool early morning light to put the trap in the safety of the summer house, so they couldn't all gradually crawl out and away during the course of the day! An absolute hatfull were 'potted' (I think that is moth-speak for 'didn't escape before I could identify them'!) With 96 caught and 15 new ones, some absolute beauty's-

Angle Shades 2
Flame 5
Flame Shoulder 2
Setaceous Hebrew Character 4
Brown-eye White-line* 5
The Uncertain* 9
Small square-spot* 6
Heart & Dart 17
Common Wainscote 4
Burnished Brass* 3
Common Footman* 1
Light Arches* 1
Dark Arches* 2
Grey Dagger* 1
Eyed Hawkmoth* 1
Pine Hawkmoth*
Light Emerald 1
Buff Ermine 5
Buff tip 2
Peppered Moth 1
Ghost Moth 3
Common Swift 1
Plain Golden Y* 4
White Ermine2
Large Yellow Underwing* 2
Marbled Minor 3
Gothic* 1
Broad barred White* 1
Clouded bordered Brindle* 3
Silver Y 1
Riband Wave* 1
Green Silver lines* 1


Eyed Hawkmoth The 'eyes' are on the rear wing which is held under the forewing

The Gothic

Green Silver Lines It really is 'Orville' green! (It isn't?... It is!)

Light Arches

Plain Golden Y ...I've seen plainer!

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