Saturday, June 17, 2006


Had a moth trap disaster last night in the form of snagging the power cable plug in the shed door whilst transporting it for a nights trapping. The resulting pull on the wires inside the weather proof box meant that the power went straight to the bulb instead of through the transformer! In turn this resulted in very low out put (as in zero!) and a bill for a new mercury vapour bulb and probably a choke as well! $*&£ it! I managed to string up a previous 'heath robinson' attempt but enevitably numbers were fairly low:

Heart & Dart - 5
Setaceous H.C. - 5
Common Wainscot - 3
Coxcomb Prominent* - 1
Flame Shoulder - 2
White Ermine - 3
Buff Ermine - 1
Scorched Wing - 2
Pale Prominent - 1

23/586/76 (macro moth)

Coxcomb Prominent

Common Wainscot

Along the track this morning there were several Painted Lady butterflies plus many Silver Y moths in the rank grass edges. This moth can be commonly seen during the daylight hours in almost any weedy area with tall grass during high summer months. A male Reed Bunting sings once again, like it did last year, from hedgrows bordering the Oil Seed Rape field.

Silver Y

The pond is looking particularly healthy at the moment with lovely clear water, and plenty of oxygenating aquatic plants coming on. Saw the duck Mallard again and saw she actually has 9 well grown ducklings, she has done very well to get that many to this stage. Hopefully disturbance to the 'out of bounds' side of the pond remains to a minimum so as not to push wildlife using the pond straight on to the road!

'Come said mother duck...'

Also managed a couple more Damselfly shots around the pond, and butterflies which I took advantage of during cloudier periods of the morning.

Azure Damselfly

Blue tailed Damselfly

Large Skipper

Speckled Wood

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