Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Managed a mid summer garden tick this morning in the form of a singing QUAIL (YL 81). I thought I caught a snatch of song yesterday morning in the wind and rain but it was only brief and distant. With calmer conditions today the bird was clearly audible with its 'Wet me lips-wet me lips' song coming from the wheat field. This species has been a long time coming for the parish and garden list, and it may not be just a coincedence with the wide set- a-side field margins that provide weeds for insects, that Quail are reliant on.
The weekend provided a couple of good records on the insect front- the make shift moth trap plods on with much reduced numbers but still pulls in new ones with Treble Brown Spot, Buff-tip, Rustic plus probable Small square spot. The Hummingbird Hawkmoth graced us with its presence again on Sunday.

Treble Brown Spot


Just before I sat to watch the England game Sunday afternoon I thought I'ld put myself under an equal amount of pressure as the playing squad by seeing if I could get over too Felbrigg lake and back for the footie in 45 minutes! Managed it easily ( without making it look difficult- England please note!) and managed to twicht my first dragonfly, Red veined Darter

Red veined Darter

"I wasn't feeling too well just before, and after the shot it just came up, it was hot out there"...the pressures of blogging!

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