Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Although no concerted effort was made to record any observations today (mainly because I was bring home my other half from hospital after an op!) it turned out quite a good day (for obs, not my temporarily one armed wife!) After seeing a fair few Black Kites at the beginning of the month whilst on holiday it was only right and proper that we should have a Red Kite go through, just to keep 'our eye in'! 0855 a rather tatty looking single drifted east over the village but still looking more graceful and slimmer than its cousin.
Had the make-shift moth trap on last night again, frustratingly fewer than I know I would get with the MV but they didi include two year/life ticks, The Flame (2) and a Scalloped Hazel
Whilst cooking a welcome home BBQ this amazing little micro-moth, Nempophora degeerella, caught my eye on our Bay bush, its antenae are literally 3 times the length of the body!

Nempophora degeerella

Also in the garden at this time were several Silver Y , and best of all my son pointed out a fantastic, though rather brief, Hummingbird Hawkmoth as it sampled about three flower heads then motored off! This makes 80 for the year in the garden.

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