Sunday, February 12, 2006


With work commitments on Saturday and a day of constant rain today, very little recorded on the wildlife front. A pre-work dog walk yesterday morning coincided with three flocks of Pink footed geese flying west over the house (320) , with further flocks noted very distantly. After their arrival in September we get them most mornings flying east , presumably after coming off roost in NW Norfolk, heading for Broadland feeding areas. Then at this time of year small groups in the Broadland areas seem to head back west probably before moving off to their breeding grounds.

Pink footed Geese

We were visited by this 'micro moth' during the week, settling under the lounge lamp, after a few inquiries it was established as a Codlin Moth, a species that shouldn't emerge until May /June time. I think we'd better turn the heating down! Thanks again to Dean @ and the guys @

Codlin Moth

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