Sunday, February 05, 2006

Much of a Muchness

Things pretty static still this weekend with the usual birds still present around the garden and village. Did note 4 adult Great black backed Gulls moving north , we usually see these after strong winds but may be they are starting to move north towards breeding areas. Had a lonesome Long tailed Tit at the feeders briefly, these have been notable for their absence this winter.

Long tailed Tit

Pair of Greenfinch

My wife was unfortunate enough to get a car puncture Saturday evening just 1 mile from home! I duly had to go out to assist and after scrabbling around underneath the car I managed to capture this moth that dropped down infront of the headlights, a Chestnut.


Had a walk up to the wet meadow this afternoon to see if I could get the Grey heron on film, no sign of him but there were 4 Snipe present, every one of them keeping a low profile.

Common Snipe

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