Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Taste of things to come?

Good day yesterday , considering it was a week day and I was at work! Managed to wangle a job in Norwich today that happened to take me down Earlham Road where some Waxwings have been seen regularly. There were 8 there, always a pleasure to see these enigmatic birds, a pair were even in courtship with a female appearing to 'kiss' the male as the hopped to and fro on the same branches. Also here a male Blackcap was in vigorous song a definite sign of spring!
Last night it was calm, mild and damp- perfect conditions for light trapping, and so it proved!
From just after dusk to midnight a total of 18 moths were taken, with 12 Pale brindled Beauty's, 5 Spring Usher's, and a new one for me, an Early Moth . The Beauty's were all of the green patterned type and the Early Moth was definately a male because the females can't fly. This takes the years garden moth list to....5! Great stuff, its like starting birding from scratch so nearly every time you go you get a new species!

Pale brindled Beauty

Pale brindled Beauty's

Spring Usher

A different Spring Usher

Early Moth

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