Saturday, February 18, 2006


A crisp bright sunny day for the most part brought a real feel of spring today. The Golden Plover numbers have picked up again with c130 on the field with Black headed and Common Gulls. The Sparrowhawks are starting to display, soaring high up then dropping at speed before pulling up again, as though they were riding in an invisable Big Dipper! At least two Brown Hares were present on the spring barley field but didn't venture towards our end. Birds in the garden today included a pair of Goldfinch, the male singing his heart out in our Oak tree, typically I grabbed the camera only to realise that I hadn't recharged it after using it last!
Had the trap on last night even though it was fairly cold, nothing could be lured inside but around it were 3 Early Moths and a single March Moth, another new moth for me and bang on cue, being on the wing from mid Feb through to March. Year tick no. 6!

March Moth

One of the pupae have also hatched, and after initially being unable to find it in my moth book I looked at it a little closer with a head-on veiw and it became obvious that it was in fact a Spectacle. This moth shouldn't be out until May so I think it may have been a little too well nurchered!


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