Monday, February 06, 2006


Managed to capture two moths last night, a fine haul! First up another Pale brindled Beauty of the patterned type. These moths also come in a melansistic (black) form, a specimen of which can be seen at , whether this form is more common the further north you go I am unsure.

Pale brindled Beauty

The second was a new one for me, a Spring Usher. This moth didn't enter the light trap but was on a nearby door, it is another of the early moths and can be quite variable to very plain, luckily this one is excellently marked. The years moth total now stands at.....4!!

Spring Usher

Spring Usher (using flash)

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Mostlymacro said...

Hi Andy,

Another set of great pics, Spring Usher is one thats eluded me so far this year.
Regards PBB, the melanistic form occurs throughout the country, but here in Yorkshire it is the dominant form.