Monday, July 28, 2008

Parish Tick!

Seeing a new species of bird either from the garden or in the parish is an irregular occurrence these days, so when it does happen its a thrilling experience! On Saturday I had to go to work out at Ely then back and across to Overstrand. Many possibilities for 'extended' lunch breaks along this route came and passed, and before I knew it I was on my way home, so decided to drop in to the Lake at Felbrigg to look for dragon flies. The lake was rather disappointing on this front with just Black-tailed Skimmers being prominent along with 'Blue' damselflies. What were apparent however were some Sandpipers, in the form of 8 Common, 4 Green and best of all a smart WOOD SANDPIPER! The birds were all feeding along the sandy bank side , taking advantage of not being disturbed within this fenced off area, so even with plenty of people about the birds seemed settled. However a visit early (ish) on Sunday morning found not a single wader present!

Wood Sandpiper (left) with Common Sandpiper

Green, Common and Wood Sandpiper

...not Cley!

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