Monday, July 28, 2008


With the warm weather this past week I've run the trap on a couple of nights (Tuesday and Saturday) The main bulk of species being Large Yellow Underwing, Clay, Smokey Wainscot, Uncertain, Common and Dingy Footman and Poplar Hawkmoth.Scattered amongst these were Black Arches, Broad-bordered and Lesser Yellow Underwing, Scalloped Oak, Gothic, Olive, Rosy Footman, Maple and Coxcombe Prominent, Pine Hawkmoth, Buff Arches, Dark Arches and Common Rustic. Additionally there were 3 species new for the garden on Tuesday, a Lilac Beauty and two each of V Pug and Dingy Shears.


Maple Prominent


Chinese Character

Dingy Shears

Pine Hawkmoth

Rosy Footman

Lilac Beauty

V pug

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