Friday, July 18, 2008

Montagu's Harrier

Work took me out to west Norfolk today, so a lunch break along a certain road, afforded me some good views of the local Montagu's Harriers in this area. Managed to see 2 females and excellent views of a male carrying food.

female Montagu's Harrier

Male Montagu's Harrier

On the way home a look in at the lake revealed all was quiet at Felbrigg, though a juvenile Grey Wagtail put in an appearence.

juvenile Grey Wagtail


Pete said...

i love the phrase "certain road".

must be the worst kept secret in birding eh. I was given directions by a chap at Great Ryburgh some years ago. think he worked for English nature

Andy said...

Totally agree Pete, its one of those "don't tell anyone but...' sites!