Sunday, February 17, 2008

Brass Monkey's!

Woke up to a toe tingling -4C this morning with the ground rock hard under foot, such temps did not warrant much hanging around along the track this morning with just the Golden Plover flock of any note, looking like chocolate chips on an ice dusted cake.


The lake was partially frozen over but no influx of waterfowl were present, though first thing the bathing gull flock did hold an adult Mediterranean Gull briefly before it was seen to make off. A full compliment of Mandarin were also present, with 7 males and 6 females, also noted were at least 2 Water Rail, one of which was down too 10 yrds but remained expertly out of veiw enough NOT to get any pics, the other gave itself away with its cartoon rooster walk.

Kevin Keegan...sorry my mistake, its a Coot!

Mandarin (check out the obscured right hand male)



After lunch decided to take a walk over to Great Wood (Felbrigg Park) where a sunny spot held lots of Goldcrest (but nothing else!), a few Siskin and at least 2 Lesser Redpolls feeding high in the spruce canopy with the latter. With the tripod at full extension I was able to 'scope one bird which proudly was showing off its heavily streaked brown rump and upperparts, a good bird to clinch in the parish as more often than not they're just fly overs.

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