Saturday, January 06, 2007

Parish Birding

Added a couple more garden birds to the year list, all expected:

18. Pied Wagtail
19 Mistle Thrush
20 Robin
21 Great spotted Woodpecker
22 Moorhen

Walking up a very muddy track this morning managed to dip-in on a fine full adult male Marsh Harrier moving east. This bird had obviously gotten a few years under his belt due to his pale pearly grey inner wings and tail. This is our first January Marsh Harrier.

23 Marsh Harrier
24 Yellowhammer

Managed to get half way around Felbrigg Lake before the drizzle, then persistant rain, set in.
The Mandarin (11) were still present with seven males all perched up under the trees, managed a couple of pics but the light was awful and I didn't want to risk too much camera exposure to the rain!


showing an uncanny likeness t0 Yosemite Sam! ("I'll get that raabit!!")

Hatful of birds for the PYL :

25. Mandarin 11
26 Mallard 50
27 Mute Swan pr
28 Pochard 10
29 Tufted Duck 8
30 Wigeon 1
31 Canada Goose 25
32 Gray lag Goose 35
33 Egyptian Goose 10
34 Coot 1
35 Water Rail (heard squealling in the small reed bed)
36 Nuthatch
37 Dabchick
Rain stopped play!

Pochard (male)


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