Saturday, January 27, 2007

Barney's Back

Had a few things to do around home today, camera in tow,a prolonged spell in the garden this morning didn't result in any unusual fly-overs, a flock of 25 Lapwing west and 10 Fieldfare west being the only birds of note. Late this afternoon a Barn Owl put in a prolonged appearance hunting the meadow and the field that borders our garden, also during which a flock of thirty Pink footed Geese finally flew over the garden and on to the yearlist.

Robin bathing

Chaffinch enjoying the sunshine

Male House Sparrow

Female Blackbird contemplating twigs!

Barn Owl on old water hoser, a favoured perch

field quartering (3x free hand, too close for digiscoping!)

you int' seen me, right!

Taken during mid scoff of what looked like a Field Vole

Shows over folks, nothing more to see here so go back to your homes...

Finally this evening is the right combination of being milder, drier and not windy so the moth trap may get its first outing of the year, Aylmerton...let there be light!

42 Pink-footed Goose

PYL 61

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