Saturday, August 12, 2006

work,work,work + wet,wet,wet = notta lotta blog!

Have finally managed to find some time to update today! Well, over the past fortnight our localised drught has well and truely ended! The rain on some days has been huge and more than once the pond has spilt onto the road (though no goldfish swimming down the street yet!) On the bird front it's still fairly quiet though did manage to jam in on a fly over Green Sandpiper on the 6th GYL 83. The moth trap has been somewhat rested in the wet, and of recent the wind but did manage another addition on the evening of the 5th, a Sallow Kitten*. GYL 151

Sallow Kitten this moth is closely related to the Prominents.

The highlight of the past two weeks was finally catching up with an immigrant dragonfly, the Yellow -winged Darter. These insects from the continent have turned up in small numbers this summer in Norfolk, and I managed to get some shots of this one on Beeston Common, Sheringham.

Yellow-winged Darter showing the 'half and half' coloured abdomon

Yellow-winged Darter showing the delicately marked yellow wings

Bringing Aylmerton bang up to date, the set a-side next to us has had its yearly hair cut, it always seems ashame to cut these areas when they're bursting with insects, grasses and weeds but I suppose it does mean that we'll see it all again next year. It's also the annual village fete today although alas, as I write this the first spit of rain is hitting the window...typical!

Set-a-side maintainance


nicola said...

Wow the dater is stunning! Always made me sad when the fields were getting cut, or the combines were out, always makes me think that summer is coming to an end.

Still its like and autumn day here again!

Andy said...

I think autumn is definately here in Norfolk, its like November!