Sunday, July 30, 2006

Old Lady = new moth

Had another mothing session at the coastal site near Sheringham last night, great fun when you're with others sharing the same interest, if not a bizarre sight to those that dont- three grown men in the middle of a wood, huddled around a single light bulb, occationally jumping around with little pots muttering 'Gotcha this time you little b*%^$£^&*!' Anyway everyone got some new species with mine being Small Pheonix and an immigrant Dark Sword-grass.

Small Pheonix

Dark Sword-grass

Had quite abit to do around the garden today but did manage our first Marsh Harrier since spring, a dark juvenile quartering the fields to the west. As I was getting some step ladders from the shed I noticed a large , rather distinctive moth roosting on one of the joists, my first sighting of Old Lady (they got some great names these moths!) I have also managed to identify a moth that I caught back in the spring but has aluded me til now, a Lychnis. GYL 150

Old Lady



nicola said...

Wow the moth shots are great, have learnt a lot on here, will defiantly look more closely at the ones I get here now

Andy said...

Thanx for your comments Nicola, its always nice to know when someone else, apart from the author, is enjoying the blog!