Monday, August 14, 2006

Owl in a Barn

Anyone who has glanced at the winter months of this blog will have not failed to realise that in Norfolk we are blessed by a particularly healthy population of Barn Owls. Now, I find Barn Owls addictively photographic, but this enigmatic youngster seen yesterday was a true star, and came complete with its own barn!

Barn Owl

...the start of a Harry Worth impression maybe ?! (target audiance only!)

' can look at it two ways....this way....'

'.....or this way!'


The Bird Woman said...

What an amazing moment to capture, Andy :O)

Barn Owls cannot fail to impress! Well done - lovely images.

nicola said...

Fantastic shots!

Andy said...

Thanks guy's, you can guess what my new wallpaper image is on my monitor?!

Richard said...

A cracking female by the looks of the breast spots.
Nice One