Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Streaker's in Aylmerton !

Had the trap on sheet mode last night 'til mid night, no lifers but three for the garden, Scarce Silver Lines, Dingy Footman and The Drinker, GYL 122. Also coming too light were Poplar, Pine, Privet and Elephant Hawkmoth plus Buff Arches, all lovely to look at.

The Drinker

The pond is starting to look a little dry now, the flags/rushes that were planted are now all well clear of the water though the Damseflies can still be seen and a Common Darter was present at lunch time.
This evening, a scan of the tops of the mature oaks along the pond from the garden produced the desired mid July result- at least six Purple Hairstreak butterflies. These small butterflies can be found at the very tops of the trees busying (too damn busy!) around, dashing between clumps. At one point there was a Benny Hill style line of five swirling around after each other! This narrative is building up to the fact that I got some crap digiscoped shots because the little beggers wouldn't keep still!
Purple Hairstreak... couldn't have got a ropier shot....

...oh yes you can!

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nicola said...

ha ha, you should see some of mine!!!!