Thursday, July 06, 2006

Too many to handle!

Have had to take a different approach to mid-week mothing as I'm struggling to keep up! The box just has too many to process properly either before or after work without a) losing half of them during the course of the day as they are still quite jumpy and manage to work they're way out of the box or b) Shutting them in the summer house, closing all the windows and doors and killing them with heat exhaustion! So this week I've been more selective by closing the catching box off and sitting it on a white sheet in the middle of the lawn for a couple of hours before bed. This way I can pick and choose which ones I want to 'pot' without trawling through lots that I don't- manageable ( Unlike S.G.E!) Tried this out on the 2nd and 4th and have added a few more new ones to the list-

Small Elephant Hawkmoth* 1
Common Emerald* 4
Cabbage Moth* 1
Yellowtail* 3
Mouse Moth* 1
Small Yellow Wave* 1
Lime Hawkmoth* 1
Rosy Footman* 1
Buff Arches* 2
Iron Prominent* 1
Barred Red* 1
Green Pug* 2
Fanfoot* 4

Macro YL 119

Small Elephant Hawkmoth....told you there was a pinker one!

Lime Hawkmoth... completes the set of 'common' hawkmoths

Rosy Footman.... very distinctive.

Buff Arches... really love the delicate markings on this one.

Common Emerald...more green moths

Iron Prominent....the prominent list is becoming!

Small Yellow looks exactly like it said on the tin!

With Aylmerton being on the edge of so called Poppyland its fitting that some have just crept along the side of our pond adding a nice splash of colour.

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